About Viride

Viride makes a difference. We founded Viride to take action in a world that needs to make every impulse for greater ecology sustainable.

Our mission is therefore

  • Capture CO2 without planting trees
  • Produce Omega-3 without killing fish
  • Grow biomass where nothing else grows
  • Apply high-tech while remaining pragmatic & sustainable

We are convinced that algae technology will accelerate changes towards more sustainability in many industries. As a startup founded in 2021, we are looking for partners, because we are convinced of cooperative project approaches.

Let’s make a difference together! Let’s capture CO2, let’s grow algae and use their high-quality ingredients. Let’s think in circular economies and work together.

Stefan and David

Co-Founders, Viride

Our history

In the course of time



  • The idea to produce algae. Scouting for suitable countries and locations for production. Establishment of first partnerships.

Research and Development

  • Investigation of different algae, production and processing systems. Strengthening of partnerships

Preparation for scaling

  • Expansion of test systems. Production of larger test quantities. Agreements with suppliers and customers. Establishment of logistics and certification.

Start of production

  • Establishment of large-scale production. Continuous delivery. Optimization of production. Expansion of the customer base

Who we are


Stefan Schmid

Stefan Schmid

Co-Founder, Business Development

Stefan is responsible for the sales of our products as well as raising capital to finance Viride’s further growth. 

In recent years, he worked as a strategy consultant in the financial industry and as an innovator for building digital business models. He now uses his background in econometrics to solve financial issues in Viride’s ecological business field.   

David Plischke

David Plischke

Co-Founder, R&D and Operations

David is mostly based in Morocco, where he drives R&D and sets up production operations.

He is a physicist and business graduate and, in addition to his scientific background, has gained many years of experience in the automotive industry as a strategy consultant, working on CO2 and alternative fuels. He sees algae as a solution not only to problems of his former industry but to almost every other industry as well.

Our team consists of international and local experts with rich experience in aquaculture and agriculture.

Where we are



This is where our headquarters is located. It is the legal home as well as the office for sales and investor relations.

Legal certainty

EU goods

Short response times


Our production is located in the south of Morocco. Here the environmental conditions are ideal for the production of algae.

High solar radiation

Stable temperatures