The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a great achievement. Yet, they still have to be founded in national and international legislation. That’s why it is very important that companies, such as ours, support the UN SDGs as much as we can and live up to the standards they demand. 

While not all of the 17 SDGs directly apply to companies, we as Viride support all 17 goals! Three out of 17 goals we can directly influence and contribute, six out of 17 we deeply support and apply them in our daily routines. The remaining eight goals are those that we as a company but also as individuals hope to be solved, soon! 


Learn more about our perception of the UN SDGs below!   


Climate Action is the reason why we founded the company Viride. We believe in algae to capture very large amounts of CO2. There is no organism with a larger potential to capture carbon that we know. Our goal is to use algae as a “vacuum cleaner for carbon from the atmosphere”. This translates into UN SDGs by: 


  • Strengthen the resilience to climate-related hazards [e.g. food during drought]
  • Integrate into climate related planning [e.g. for algae to become part of national plans]
  • Support education on climate change and mitigation [online and offline at our sites]

Life Below Water is an extremely important goal to reach. Overfishing the oceans resulting in the extinction of species is not only insane by human kind, it is stupid. Microalgae, e.g. Nannochloropsis or Schizochytrium, is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It can be produced without catching a single fish to be squeezed for fish oil. Algae are the preferred solution

 Viride therefore 

  • Strengthens coastal regions
  • Prevents overfishing for fish oil
  • Collaborates with small-scale artisanal fishers

Zero Hunger is a goal that ought to be solved by now. Instead, it has become more relevant over the recent years. Since microalgae is rich in protein and nutrients it can play a major role in feeding the world. In particular we contribute by: 


  • Cultivate safe, nutritious food all year around
  • Provide sustainable and resilient food production systems resilient to drought
  • Invest in rural infrastructure and research

The team at Viride works hard to contribute to these three goals. However, we also follow and apply these six goals as well as feasible.  

These six goals are described in great detail in the UN SDG agenda. The following quotes from the 41 page document found on the website of the united nations in particular apply to Viride. They include:

Goal 5: Ensure participation & leadership of women [across tasks and activities]

Goal 6: Eliminate pollution and wastewater [e.g. apply algae to clean water]

Goal 8: Create decent jobs, decoupling growth from environmental degradation

Goal 9: Resource efficient small-scale industrialization [decentralization, oasis-like plants]

Goal 12: Sustainable management of natural resources, recycling [especially use of water]

Goal 15: Combat desertification [through desalination, evaporation in saline ponds, planting]

Contact us for questions or to discuss their applicability in more depth. 

Your Viride Team