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Algae have a great future ahead of them. They will contribute significantly to solving global challenges such as sustainable nutrition and climate-neutral fuels. Viride is getting closer to the goal of producing algae in large quantities every day. We succeed because we are supported by great investors who invest in growth with us. Join us and invest in VIRIDE. Your commitment will pay off and make a difference for the climate!

David & Stefan

Co-Founder, Viride GmbH

Your Investment Options

1. CROWDFUNDING (100 – 9,999 Euros): Support VIRIDE in financing our first algae farm in Morocco. Our crowdfunding projects offer attractive interest rates of approx. 9% p.a.

2. EQUITY INVESTMENT: Acquire shares in VIRIDE and participate in the long-term success of our company. There is currently the opportunity to become a seed investor.

CROWDFUNDING: Invest into our Crowd-Projects

Cultivating Microalgae (funding completed)

The large-scale cultivation of our microalgae in the desert is on the verge of a breakthrough. To achieve this, this crowdfunding project is financing open ponds with an area of over 250m², as well as several photobioreactors. A particular focus is placed on algae that are rich in proteins and fats. The project is directly related to the biomass produced.

Over the 4-year financing period, approximately 840 kg of algae (dry mass) can be cultivated annually with the additional areas. The expected revenues from the harvested biomass will cover both the interest (9% p.a.) and the repayment.

Equity Investment: Become a shareholder of VIRIDE

Equity investment

We are working with business angels, strategic investors and family offices. VCs are also very welcome to join in the upcoming rounds. We completed our seed round in June 2024. Series-A is already scheduled for 2025. Investors can participate from 50,000 euros, already now as a convertible loan (CLA). If you are interested, please contact us by email at