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Our Vision

Algae become a megatrend

Algae are climate savers. Algae can secure food. Algae have a gigantic potential. They may be small and only a few micrometers short. But they are a solution to the really big problems of our time: For our climate, because algae capture large amounts of CO2 through their constant growth. For our nutrition, because they contain valuable plant-based proteins and fats as well as many trace elements. At the same time, they do not compete for habitat and arable land. Viride exploits these advantages by growing algae in large, open saltwater basins in desert regions near the sea, where nothing else grows. We are convinced that the solution lies in microalgae – they are a megatrend.

Our Progress

Updates from Viride

As a young company in a new production field and a growing market, we strive to innovate in algae farming every day. In our blog, we share our latest findings, progress, and insights into strategic decisions, challenges, and successes of our company. Join us on our growth journey!

The team is growing

Our team is growing because the number of tasks on our algae farm in southern Morocco is increasing every day. With 11 permanent employees, we can not only cultivate, harvest, process and maintain over 10,000 square meters of algae tanks, but we also have the...

Carbon Capturing with Microalgae: Opportunities and Challenges

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and the search for innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is of paramount importance. One promising technology that has gained increasing significance in recent years is called "Carbon...

Viride’s holistic Approach to Algae Production

In a world that increasingly needs sustainable solutions, Viride has dedicated itself to an exciting mission: making algae the next big commodity product. In this blog article, we take a look at how our crowdfunding projects contribute to realizing our mission of...

Team event with a lot of sand

Eight people, three tents, two cars, one mission: To have a great time with the entire team out in the Sahara desert! Team events are extremely important for companies, especially when teams are growing together. This is certainly the case at VIRIDE where our young...

Viride starts crowdfunding

Our solar park will provide the energy needed to run the Viride algae production in the Moroccan desert. It is financed by our crowd investors.

Pilot plant in Morocco

Learn more about our pilot plant

Viride and the UN SDGs

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a great achievement. Yet, they still have to be founded in national and international legislation. That's why it is very important that companies, such as ours, support the UN SDGs as much as we can and live up to...

Think algae and CO2 big

Algae eats CO2 for breakfast. And for lunch and for dinner, too. Algae are so powerful and growing so quickly that they must be applied to decarbonize our atmosphere. The blog post shares some thoughts on required quantities and areas.

Viride is now EABA member

Ecosystems and partnerships are essential, especially for young companies. Since June 2022, VIRIDE is part of the EUROPEAN ALGAE BIOMASS ASSOCIATION (EABA).  Together with our EABA peers, we are working to make algae an integral part of the value chains of many...

New website is live!

We have used the start of the new year to do a full online relauch. Our updated website now gives a more detailed and clearer overview than before about algae, about us and about our products. 2022 will be a very exciting year for Viride, as we will soon expand our...

How we’ll change the world together


The green footprint of investments is now one of the most important criteria for many investors. We offer the opportunity to invest as little as 100 € in Viride projects so that algae can grow and develop their potential for climate and nutrition.

Be part of it! We are currently running a campaign to finance a self-sufficient power supply in the Sahara (off-grid) for the operation of Viride algae basins and plants. In doing so, you will benefit from attractive interest rates, enable the creation of a sustainable business and leave a green footprint.

Why Viride is special

Cultivation in the sand

As a German startup, we are breaking completely new ground in algae farming. To make a big impact, to produce as much algae as possible sustainably with natural resources like sun, salt water and the CO2 from the atmosphere, we are where it all comes together: In the desert. In the Sahara desert in southern Morocco, we have established our own algae production. Where there was nothing before, valuable and healthy algae are now growing. This is new, scalable and future-oriented. It makes us special in the algae market.

What we offer


The carbon bound in algae becomes high-quality proteins, lipids and pigments with versatile properties. Discover our Viride products.

Plant-based omega-3 fatty acids

Natural beta-carotene

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