In a world that increasingly needs sustainable solutions, Viride has dedicated itself to an exciting mission: making algae the next big commodity product. In this blog article, we take a look at how our crowdfunding projects contribute to realizing our mission of sustainable algae production on a large scale.

Our goal is to make an active contribution to a more environmentally friendly world.

And how do we do that? By advancing the three areas depicted in the graphic through the cultivation of microalgae: beta-carotene, proteins & oils, and CO2 binding. You can find more information about why these areas are relevant and how Viride can contribute with algae solutions here.

Crowdfunding Projects for a Green Future

At Viride, we believe in holistic solutions. That’s why we have launched crowdfunding projects that support our algae production at all levels – from infrastructure to harvesting to scaling up our facilities.

Our first campaign ensures the energy supply of our facility through solar power. Thanks to the participation of numerous crowd investors, we have raised over €45,000 to establish the necessary infrastructure for climate-neutral algae production. With the first installed solar panels powering our facilities with green energy, we can produce algae with enthusiasm! Until August 31st, there is still an opportunity to support this campaign with an investment starting from €100. More information.

To improve the harvest of algae containing beta-carotene, Viride has launched another crowdfunding campaign. The funds raised will be used for state-of-the-art filtration systems to harvest algae efficiently. Through the use of membrane filters, the microalgae are reliably separated from the water, enabling easy drying and further processing. More information.

But that’s not all! In the next crowdfunding campaign, we will focus on expanding our algae ponds. This will allow them to produce even more algae rich in important proteins and oils. It’s a significant step towards scalable algae production, making us globally competitive as a major player.

Our crowdfunding projects not only allow us to expand our sustainable algae production but also provide our crowd investors with an attractive investment opportunity with real social impact. To date, over €500,000 has already been invested in Viride, demonstrating the strong interest in Viride and algae – and for good reason.

Algae are more than just a passing trend as they offer real sustainable solutions and alternatives in many areas. That’s why it’s no wonder that there is a high demand for microalgae, and we are already in negotiations with several customers. Our products are eagerly awaited, especially during the winter months when our Moroccan production can consistently deliver while European providers often have to reduce or halt production due to cooler temperatures!

Thanks to our dedicated community and the support of crowdfunding projects, we have already achieved significant milestones. We are confident that this form of investment will help us gradually realize our vision. Moreover, it’s fantastic to see how many people are interested in sustainable algae solutions and actively want to contribute to making our world a greener place alongside Viride.


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