YES! It is done! Viride GmbH was founded and starts business operations. This marks an important milestone that allows us opportunities for further growth and more use cases, as we are 100% bootstrapped so far.  

Viride is derived from Latin and means “the green”, thus reflecting the goal of Viride’s activities and giving us orientation in the many use cases that are possible through or with algae. 

As a GmbH (German Limited), Viride is the German parent of the international projects and production sites associated with algae cultivation. All investments and activities are controlled by the GmbH. Thus, a cooperation with Viride GmbH means the highest legal security for our customers and for our investors participation in all successes that arise in the various green business fields. 

Support Viride, support “the green”. Find out about our products, investment opportunities and cooperation ideas. And feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  

David & Stefan