UPDATE 31.03.2023 SOLAR 001 quarterly report published (German)

It was posssible to raise 50% of the emission within the first two month. In total the solar park requires 95.000 Euro. Raising 50% was quite a success. First solar panels have been ordered and installed, other modules will follow shortly. The quarterly report shows some images and give more details on financial figures. It’s a fun read (sorry, German only). 

UPDATE: 30.01.2023

What a success! It’s a real milestone for Viride: On January 30, 2023 Viride GmbH launched the public communication of our crowdfunding offer! For us as founders, this is an important step because it is a new pillar of our corporate financing.

Everything had to be neatly prepared to meet the necessary requirements. The technology runs on Portagon’s modern platform and is virtually invisible to our investors. A trustee was appointed and our specialized legal firm clarified all remaining questions. After all, crowdfunding for startups hasn’t been around for long: it wasn’t until 2021 that the Schwarmfinanzierungsgesetz, as the legal basis is officially called, was last amended. And so this financing instrument is also accessible to innovative companies like ours.

Now it is done and Viride GmbH is allowed to define projects within the implemented scope and within the legal limits, to be financed by our crowd – that means by you, the supporters of the Viride projects. The projects are called emissions and each one defines a separate component of our algae farming and differs significantly from each other.

We as founders are extremely happy that our startup Viride can now offer crowdfunding. In order to build and expand the algae business, we not only need customers for our algae, but also committed crowd-investors who believe in the company and are willing to shoulder the financial burden together with us! Together we strive for innovation, climate and healthy foods.  

David & Stefan

Co-Founder, Viride GmbH

The first emission comprises a volume of 95,000 euros and will ensure the energy supply of our plant. With 61 kW peak, the PV system will supply various machines, including machines for cultivating our algae, water pumps and centrifuges for drying the algae. The interest rate is 8% p.a. with a term of 3 years. Investors can participate for as little as 100 € and benefit from the attractive interest rates. We are proud that our funding threshold of €10,000 was exceeded after just a few days. This shows that many people in the Viride environment support the Viride vision and want to participate financially.

It pays to be quick. All early crowd investors receive an early bird bonus and thus earn even 9% p.a. on their investment. The offer is valid until February 28, 2023.   

You can find all emissions on  https://invest.viride.net . The link leads to all current offers. It will also give you an idea which parts of the algae business we are going to work on in the near future.   


What’s next? At Viride, we have big plans. We are convinced that algae can play an important role in future nutrition, cosmetics and perhaps even energy supply. For this, more ponds and bigger cultivation are needed. The coming investments will therefore include a wide variety of algae cultivation facilities and tanks, algae processing and also, in general, the expansion of existing operations. So check back regularly, because new exciting issues are always coming up.

By the way: Information on the use of funds of any emission can be found in the documents, which you can easily view at https://invest.viride.net even before you sign up. Also, the documents included in the investment portal will inform you after your investment. We continuously inform our investors about the development of the respective projects. By becoming an investor you will always be close to the actions that are being taken.  

First goal reached!

The screenshot was taken only a couple of days after the first funding was launched. It was a huge success that the funding threshold was crossed so quickly.